Benefits of Filtered Water

You are what you drink. More than 60% of the human body is made up of water. What’s in your water? We can tell you.

Drinking Water Concerns

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Water Refining by AvantaPure
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Admittedly, it’s not easy. We create things that build, move, power and cure our world, and we do this in over 180 countries. You probably know our founder, Thomas Edison developed the light bulb, but he also took this idea further by building our first electrical grid bringing electricity into our homes, workplaces and everywhere in between. Edison also established a mindset, and a brand that stands for making our world work better. His own words, “I find out what the world needs and then proceed to invent it.”

How AvantaPure Works


Water Equipment Technologies Inc. Florida
Since our relocation to Florida, everything was almost perfect. Remodeling and decorating was going to be fun for us. One thing we could not postpone was buying filters for every faucet in our home. We knew that Florida had the worst tasting water. We could not drink Florida's water! We always bought "bottled water". That was getting too costly for our budget. We knew that we had to do something about the water. In our previous home in Virginia, we invested in a water system for the whole house. That was perfect. It was on of the best investments we ever made.
Having an AvantaPure in our home is wonderful. Great tasting drinking water! Our ice cubes are crystal clear. Good for your skin and pores because the filtered water brought out the natural skin tone and oils that your skin needed. We use less detergent when doing our laundries. There is no lime or calcium rings in the bathrooms to wash. Household cleaning is made easier. We are very happy with our AvantaPure Water system. We cannot live without this water system. The AvantaPure system is better than our last one. We are so glad that we do not have to worry about buying bottled water again.
Your AvantaPure is GREAT! This is a "must have" here in Florida.

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Water Fact

Did you Know?
Of all the fresh water on the earth, humans can only use about ⅓rd of 1%.