Enhancing the Quality of Your Water Enhances the Quality of Your Life.

Would you own a home without a front door? After all, your door is the barrier that keeps out bad weather, dust, and other undesirable elements. So why let hard water enter your home?

The AvantaPure™ refiner is your family’s front line of protection against hardness elements, iron, rust, disinfection chemicals, disinfection byproducts, both naturally occurring organic compounds as well as man-made inorganic compounts and more that may be present in your source water before it enters your home. A free thorough on-site water analysis will identify specific contaminants and Water Equipment Technologies will offer solutions.

The AvantaPure system enhances the quality of water throughout your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, and from the laundry room to the basement or garage. By reducing a variety of contaminants from your source water, the AvantaPure system refines the lifeblood of your home. From the way you feel after showering to the performance of your appliances and the taste of your drinking water, enhancing the quality of your water enhances the quality of your life.

The Rewards of Conditioned Water.

It all comes from the AvantaPure® Professional Series Water Treatment System by GE. It’s environmentally friendly, conserves energy and has the long-term reliability you expect from GE.

The reliable AvantaPure® system is designed to deliver the benefits of comfortable, conditioned water for a long time to come.

  • Spend less on soaps, detergents and cleaning supplies … up to a 50% savings!
  • Showering leaves you with a fresh, clean feel
  • Machine washables rinse cleaner, feel softer and retain color longer
  • Dishes can be rinsed without costly drying agents