Over 125 years ago, the General Electric (GE) company was formed and molded by it’s founder Thomas Edison who anticipated the world’s needs and then invented something meaningful to solve a problem, fill a need or advance a culture. Today, that mindset is still very much present as we often refer to GE as a 125-year-old startup. A contradiction perhaps, but it’s the fuel behind our longevity as on of the worlds most trusted brands.

The AvantaPure whole-house water refining system by GE was similarly engineered to solve a complex problem that we face in today’s modern world. We face an ever changing landscape of water challenges in our world, with literally thousands of new chemicals being utilized in our ecosystem each year. Both man-made and naturally occurring contaminants find there way into our water supplies requiring smarter, more complex and more reliable solutions to clean it up.

Many home filters are limited and can only remove naturally occurring dissolved minerals in your water like calcium and magnesium. These minerals lead to hard water issues that can be quite obvious and visible throughout the home. Other filters can only scratch the surface, or mask chemical tastes or odors in your water, and they often have a very limited capacity before they must be replaced at significant expense. The experts at General Electric however have engineered a state-of-the-art multi-stage whole-house refiner, designed specifically for the unique water quality challenges we face here in Florida. The AvantaPure system utilized by Water Equipment Technologies raises ALL THE WATER that passes into your home to certified drinking water standards.

Think about that? In your bathtub, out of ever sink, even out of the hose… your water can be refined to high quality drinking water standards, and all for just a few dollars a day. So don’t just sing in the shower, drink up if you’d like… it’s all good!

AvantaPure provides automatic, efficient water-refining for your household water, the AvantaPure system is unparalleled in its performance and convenience features. The system’s patented microprocessor keeps a running average of the previous 28 days of water usage and automatically adjusts the conditioned water reserve higher or lower as required, ensuring you quality water as you need it.
How the AvantaPure® Water Treatment System by GE Treats Your Water:

  1. Untreated water containing impurities passes through a bed of extremely small resin beads.
  2. Undesirable minerals are drawn to the resin beads and attach to the surface.
  3. Virtually all unwanted minerals are removed when the water reaches the bottom of the tank.
  4. Treated water passes up through the riser tube and is distributed throughout the house.
  5. Regenerant from the storage tank is used to recharge the resin beads.

The AvantaPure Professional Series Water Treatment System by GE has been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 & 44.